A Simpler, More Intuitive RelativityOne

The legal industry is tough. The law is constantly evolving, case sizes are booming, and there are more risks out there than ever before.

For years, RelativityOne has given customers the power they need to succeed in such a complicated industry. Its speed, performance, and flexibility make it the ideal platform for any e-discovery, investigation, or compliance project that comes your way.

But we know RelativityOne isn’t always simple to use – because let’s face it, “simple” and “e-discovery” don’t usually go together.

Aero UI changes that.

We’ve restyled the platform to give you a modern, approachable, and intuitive interface. We’ve simplified what you see on each page and added in thoughtful iconography and design that reflect the apps and tech you use in your everyday lives.

In other words, everyone on your team – from Relativity novice to Relativity Master – can now feel confident in the software.

We took a data-driven approach to redesigning RelativityOne with Aero – analyzing every click, mouse scroll, and data point to improve your experience all around. Here are three key styling changes you will notice:

  • Use of color: Blue for actions, orange for navigation. You’ll always know where you are and where you should go next. We’ve also optimized our color palette to be more accessible for individuals who are color-blind.
  • Thoughtful spacing: We’ve added more breathing room between functional areas of RelativityOne – without sacrificing the options our more advanced users might need to see.
  • A new homepage: Pin and favorite all your workspaces – even across instances – for quick access to everything the moment you log in.

Want to see the new Aero UI?