Get More Insight into Your Case Team's Performance

When it’s time to discuss forecasting, budgets, and discovery strategies with your client, looking at past and real-time data can make all the difference. That’s where the Case Metrics application comes into play.

Case Metrics - Blog Choices

Designed to help analyze reviewer performance from past cases and in real time, Case Metrics allows you to report across multiple workspaces, giving you a holistic view of the decisions, throughput, and accuracy of your document review team across matters. And with this month’s release, you can do even more with the application, such as:

  • Compare reviewers against averages and standard deviation within a data set to get a better sense of how individuals are performing. This can help you answer important questions like what’s the overturn rate of a reviewer I’m about to put on a case?
  • View performance by client. If you have multiple ongoing reviews with a single client, generating reports just for them is easy—and a big help when it’s time to talk strategy for new cases.
  • Group reviewer performance metrics by matter to compare performance across different document review teams. This will help you determine if throughput (edits per hour) and accuracy (overturn) rates change based on the type of matter or analytics tools used, like technology-assisted review.

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