Preserve Your Custodians' Microsoft Office 365 Documents

When a lawsuit is filed, it can be challenging to ensure the necessary custodian data is preserved. Many teams collect all a custodian’s data upfront or make a copy of their hard drive, which can be resource-intensive.

With Relativity Legal Hold, administrators can now preserve a custodian’s Microsoft Office 365 data, including Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive files, and Skype for Business conversations.

With date filters, you can preserve data from a specific timeframe, and it will be preserved until the hold is removed. Custodians won’t be notified about the preservation.

The new preserve-in-place feature mitigates the risk of data loss, prevents the need to over-collect, and provides a defensible way to preserve data during a litigation hold.

The ability to preserve data from additional sources, including Microsoft SharePoint, will be available in upcoming releases.

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