Discover Hidden Content in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word

When a single document could make or break your case, you don’t want to miss a word during review. New document intelligence features identify hidden content in documents, provide visual indicators, and give you the option to expose that material during review.

A pop-up box notifies you if a Microsoft document contains hidden information, including rows, columns, and sheets in Excel and comments and slide notes in PowerPoint. It also lets you know whether the hidden items are visible in the viewer and gives you the option to expose them, allowing you to review more than meets the eye. A blue indicator marks if the cell contains a formula in Microsoft Excel, revealing the formula when selected.

Additional document review intelligence brings your attention to tracked changes in Microsoft Word or comments on a PDF, so nothing slips through the cracks. We’ve also enhanced the rendering of ICAL and VCARD files to create a more native review experience.

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