Get Better Insight into Your Data Usage

The RelativityOne activity dashboard gives admins complete, up-to-the-minute info on all the different jobs and activities occurring in a given workspace—from user actions to overall system performance.

Now, you can add data subscription monitoring to that list.

Introducing the utilization dashboard, a new component in the activity dashboard that gives you a comprehensive look at how you are maximizing your RelativityOne subscription. 

The utilization dashboard gives you transparency into the workload throughout your instance and better insight into how much your overall activity is affecting your subscription. You’ll get daily reports on how your data management is tracking, as well as visual summaries of key data management information, including:

  • Overall subscription
  • Staging utilization
  • Data storage in review, cold storage, or repository workspaces

With the utilization dashboard, you’ll have the intel you need to help your users move faster.

Want to see how it works?