Get More out of Processing

At Relativity, we know that how you process data is pivotal to the success of your review. Having a fast and powerful engine is important – but we also know that you need clear and actionable data insights.

This month, we’re delivering two new features to give you more insight into your processing data.

First, a new “Is Published” field gives you quick visibility into which discovered files are in review, and which are not.

Second, new automated file type filters allow you to omit and report on unnecessary files before they are even discovered. Simply specify which files types you’d like to include or exclude on the profile. The engine will take it from there, focusing the discovery on data that is more likely to contain content of interest.

With this new option, you now have a repeatable, accurate way to standardize your file type culling process—with much less chance of human error.

Want to see how it works?