Innovate Faster with Preview and Sandbox

RelativityOne gets new capabilities every single month, and you should be able to take full advantage of them the moment they’re available. That’s why we’re introducing preview and sandbox.

All RelativityOne customers have preview—an environment where you can use our test data to try out the latest capabilities. We’ll set everything up. You just jump in, explore the new features, and get your teams ready for the new enhancements as soon as they’re released.

With sandbox, you get a dedicated environment to test your custom code and workflows alongside RelativityOne’s current and upcoming capabilities. You can upload and stage your data, then fine-tune your customizations—ensuring you’re ready to deliver your unique services and solutions around what’s coming the moment new enhancements are available.

Sandbox includes access to two instances: one with the current release and another with early access to future enhancements.

Interested in sandbox?