Introducing Communication Analysis

Understanding the interactions between the people in your case is critical to uncovering the truth. But, with conversations taking place across multiple channels with multiple people, often simultaneously, it’s not easy to see who’s been talking to whom—let alone what they’ve been talking about.

That’s why we built communication analysis. This new visualization brings all those email communications into one central location, giving you a complete and interactive picture of the interactions and relationships within your matter. Now, instead of just focusing on the documents, you can center your case or investigation around the people.

Communication analysis shows you visuals of the communication networks across your case. You can visually explore the connections and easily see who’s been talking to whom, how often, when, and what about. You can zoom in on a given individual and learn everything about them. For example, how many emails have they sent and received? What other actors have they been talking to? The bigger the node, the more communication.

You can also use communication analysis in combination with clustering and other widgets like timelines. Filter the visualization on key concepts to quickly identify which people have been talking about hot topics in your case—making it easier to find anomalous behavior, like emails sent in the early hours of the morning.

Best of all, communication analysis pulls in complete entities, so you can be sure that every communication and alias—whether it’s from a personal email, work email, or something else—is captured.

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