Maximize System Performance and User Productivity

Maximize System Performance and User Productivity with the Activity Dashboard

System administrators spend a lot of time digging through data, compiling up-to-the-minute info on workloads, end user activities, query times, load times, search speeds, and other stats that are essential to maintaining a healthy system and happy, productive users.

With a new RelativityOne activity dashboard, that daily data hunt just got easier.

You no longer need to visit multiple places to assemble a portrait of all the different jobs and activities occurring in your environment. Instead, flip to the dashboard for a centralized summary of everything you need to know.

The dashboard has two distinct tabs:

  • Overall system performance
  • Batch operations performance

Move through the tabs to see the full portrait of how the system is working in comparison to SLAs, easily troubleshoot issues for your users, and make proactive—rather than reactive—decisions to keep your environment productive.

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