Reduce Email Storage with MHT Conversion

Emails and e-discovery go hand in hand, and while threading can cut your headaches in half, what about your storage space?

MSG email files take up a lot of unnecessary—and often times duplicative—space, as the MSG files store the email message and any files attached to the email. That means the attachments are stored once with the MSG and again when they’re extracted and saved as their own records.

With this update, we’re helping reduce the amount of occupied storage. You can now convert MSG files to the MHT format when processing data in RelativityOne.

With attachment files no longer stored twice (as they are with MSG files), you’ll reduce your file storage by up to 40 percent.

But that’s not the only perk of the MHT format. If you need to produce the native email file, all of its attachments—which might be privileged or not relevant—are stored as separate files, reducing the possibility that you’ll accidentally produce privileged attachments.

Email conversions was a popular submission in the ideas section of the Relativity Community site, and we’re excited to deliver it. Visit the Community to submit your ideas.

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