Save Time When Referencing Transcripts

When a deadline is looming, every second you can save adds up. One way to save time? Be as clear as possible when directing your case team to key elements in a transcript. Here are two new features that will help.

  1. Automatically copy the page and line numbers. Calling out the exact location of a crucial passage or term can help your team navigate lengthy transcripts without wasting a moment. With RelativityOne, that time-saving move is built in. When you copy text, both the page and line numbers will come with it.

    Don’t want that much detail? No problem. Just right-click for options on what you’d like to include in your copy and paste.

  2. Highlight keywords in your transcript report. A keywords transcript report is a helpful way to point out where terms on your keywords list appear within a transcript. RelativityOne will now automatically highlight the keyword, making it easy to see exactly where it’s found.

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