Take Your Review to the Next Level

In RelativityOne, the document viewer is central to every review. It’s where your team codes documents and does a lot of their heads-down, focused work. The easier we can make that work, the better.

That’s why we’ve rearchitected the viewer to make it faster, more intuitive, and more flexible. With Aero UI, you get:

  • Faster performance: We’re delivering increased doc-to-doc speeds that scale for even the largest documents. Whether you’re jumping into a document, scrolling through documents, or loading a huge excel file, your documents will appear near instantaneously in Aero..
  • A redesigned UX: We looked at all the component that comprise the viewer to reduce task complexity—without sacrificing functionality. The result is a cleaner UI that zeroes in on bread-and-butter review workflows, a modern card-based design pattern throughout, and unparalleled support for any number of display ;configurations.
  • Easy integrations: We rewrote the viewer on top of the latest frameworks, giving you an enduring platform for viewer extensions. A new comprehensive suite of API coverage unlocks the viewer’s potential – developers have a whole new canvas for creating custom apps for any number of review workflows.

To learn more about the next-gen viewer, check out our documentation.

Want to see the new Aero UI?