Self-Paced Training for Case Management

How to Install and Use ARM

Recorded Webinar, 1:12:11

RelativityOne Guided Tour

Interactive Tutorial, 18:37

What are my RAR reports telling me?

Recorded Webinar, 1:01:42

Objects and Home Mode

Educational Video, 4:47

Creating Users and Groups

Educational Video, 8:00

Binders Admin Functions Demo

Educational Video, 5:55

Building Layouts in Relativity

Educational Video, 11:39

Coding Documents

Interactive Tutorial, 5:58

Creating and Using Views

Interactive Tutorial, 12:32

Creating Dashboards and Using Pivot

Educational Video, 11:02

Creating Dashboards and Using Widgets

Educational Video, 19:50

Creating Search Terms Reports

Interactive Tutorial, 9:52

Creating your Case in Fact Manager

Recorded Webinar, 47:36

Data Grid for Audit

Recorded Webinar, 49:25

Data Grid Overview

Educational Video, 18:52

Email Threading Deep Dive

Recorded Webinar, 58:48

Email Threading Tips and Tricks

Recorded Webinar, 1:02:54

Loading Data Programmatically

Recorded Webinar, 1:06:03

Managing Relativity SQL Log Files

Recorded Webinar, 37:07

Managing Workspace Security

Interactive Tutorial, 11:08

Printing Your Documents

Interactive Tutorial, 10:00

Producing Documents

Interactive Tutorial, 15:00

Productions in Relativity

Recorded Webinar, 57:27

Regular Expressions for Beginners

Recorded Webinar, 58:20

Relativity Applications Webinar

Recorded Webinar, 34:35

Relativity Applications Webinar

Recorded Webinar, 47:00

Relativity Applications Webinar

Recorded Webinar, 49:30

Relativity Collection

Recorded Webinar, 49:33

Relativity Collection

Recorded Webinar, 47:52

Saving PDFs for Printing

Interactive Tutorial, 10:00

Searching for Special Characters

Recorded Webinar, 42:43

Setting up Analytics Indexes

Recorded Webinar, 59:59

Setting Up Analytics Indexes

Recorded Webinar, 1:06:58

Setting up Dashboards in the New UI

Recorded Webinar, 24:30


Recorded Webinar, 56:10

Useful Premade Scripts

Recorded Webinar, 59:46

Using Email Thread Visualization

Interactive Tutorial, 12:00

Using Fact Manager

Educational Video, 13:58

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Interactive Tutorial, 4:13

Web Import and Export

Recorded Webinar, 56:47

Widgets, Dashboards, and the New UI

Recorded Webinar, 1:03:11

Workspace Setup

Educational Video, 14:00

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