RelativityOne Certified Pro Certification

The RelativityOne Certified Pro certification helps Relativity and RelativityOne users, and others who advocate for RelativityOne inside and outside their organization, verify their proficiency using the product and communicating its advantages.

Exam Overview

What to Expect

The RelativityOne Certified Pro exam tests your understanding of RelativityOne features and benefits of the cloud. To obtain the certification, you will need to pass a 25-question quiz. The certification is open to all professionals who are interested in learning more about RelativityOne.

A study guide is available in the Certification Tracker on the Relativity Community site to help you prepare. Our FAQs will also provide important information.

The RelativityOne Certified Pro exam will remain up-to-date based on monthly releases. Please plan accordingly when studying for the exam.

How to Take an Exam

Online or at a Testing Center Near You

You can take this exam online or at a testing center at no additional cost. Remote exams, both online and in testing centers, are securely administered through our proctoring service, PSI Online.

To take the exam remotely, simply create a PSI Online account and schedule your exam in the system. When you sit for your exam on your scheduled date, either online or at a testing center, a proctor will oversee your entire exam session. Please review our Online Proctoring and Testing Centers FAQ for more information. To create or log in to your PSI Online account, click here.

Additional Resources

Quick Start Guide

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RelativityOne Overview Training

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Keep Your Certification Current

Once you pass the exam, monitor your Relativity continuing education credits.


Get answers to all your questions, plus some study resources, in our FAQs.