Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users Training

  • 8 RCE credits towards RCA, Review Management, Analytics, and Project Management certifications
  • 1 day, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • $700

Course Overview

Designed for Relativity beginners, Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users is a one-day, introductory course to the Relativity platform covering the foundation of the basic concepts, features, and terminology used throughout the application during document review. This course is considered part of the admin suite of training classes.

Please note that Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users is not a Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA) or Relativity Review Management Specialist exam preparation course.

Course Objectives

All classes will be conducted on the Aero UI.

By the end of this full-day training, trainees will gain the skills needed to manage and code documents in Relativity.

Trainees will learn how to do the following:

  • Understand typical Relativity workflows and how they support common e-discovery scenarios
  • Become familiar with Relativity navigation and terminology
  • Review documents, including checking out batches and making coding decisions
  • Use search term reports, dashboards, and email threading visualization to analyze data
  • Search a data set to return specific documents using filters, conditions, and find similar documents

Audience: New Relativity users including reviewers, paralegals, litigation support, and project management staff

Course Length: One day

How to Attend a Training

Trainings are available for open enrollment throughout the year. We can also work with you to schedule an on-site session at your office.

Open Enrollment

Where: Open enrollment trainings will be held either entirely virtually or entirely on-site at one of Relativity's offices. When registering for training, review the training city details or email to confirm if your training is virtual or on-site.

Who: The first 12 people to register.

Cost: $700 per attendee 

When: Currently scheduled trainings can be found below. Relativity will add any newly scheduled sessions every other month.

Closed Enrollment

Where: Closed enrollment trainings can be held either entirely virtually or entirely on-site. 

Who: Your team, with up to 12 attendees

Note: A training agreement is required before training dates can be held. 


  • One day agreed upon by Relativity and your team
  • Can be scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
  • Six to eight weeks' notice is requested
  • All dates may not be available
  • Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Email to schedule


  • $700 per attendee
  • Five attendee minimum
  • Travel and related expenses for the trainer, if applicable

Relativity 101: Relativity for End Users Training Agenda

The agenda below represents the general topics and timing guidelines for this training and is subject to change.

  • Relativity and e-Discovery
    • eDiscovery & Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Overview
  • Basic Document Review
    • Getting Started with Relativity
    • Using the Core Reviewer Interface to Code Documents
    • Using Persistent Highlighting
    • Using the Email Threading View
  • Next Level Review
    • Applying Redactions
    • Using Pivot Reports & Dashboards
    • Using Mass Operations
    • Using Email Thread Visualization
  • Searching for Documents
    • Using Filtering
    • Using Search Conditions & Logic Groups
    • Using Keyword Search
    • Creating Saved Searches
    • Using dtSearch
    • Creating a Search Terms Report & Applying Persistent Highlighting
    • Concept Searching
  • Putting It All Together
    • Completing a Capstone Project
  • Additional Tools and Resources
    • Overview of Relativity Resources

Available Dates

  • Monday, March 4, 2024 in Chicago (Virtual)
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM US Central time
  • Thursday, March 14, 2024 in Sydney, NSW (Onsite)
    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM AEST

If you're looking for more training dates, we post newly scheduled trainings during the first week of each month, so check back then for the latest updates.

Don't see a city near you? Let us know where you'd like to take a training.

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