Compliance was a Relativity Best-In-Service provider since 2013 and is now a Certified Partner under Relativity’s new partner program.  We are eDiscovery innovators, creating a managed services platform (DaaS) with Relativity at its core, and were the first in the industry two decades ago to offer “managed review” (space, computers, project management, workflow, etc.). We are widely known and recognized for our numerous Relativity Innovations, as well as our Relativity Integrations with such technology partners as Nuix, Brainspace, Veritone, Blackout and X1.  Our Managed Services offering, DaaS (Discovery-as-a-Service) is currently renowned as the most comprehensive and innovative managed services solution on the market today, providing clients with a Relativity experience as if they licensed the software and provisioned their own hardware. Compliance participates in the Relativity Innovation Awards annually, and in 2017, our CI Processing customization was a finalist (1 of 3) in the provider innovation category.


  • Managed Services
  • Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) as a subscription, PayGo or Hybrid
  • Managed Review Services
  • Several innovative applications and workflows via “CI Innovations”
  • Relativity’s Legal Hold
  • Integrations with Aspera, Blackout, Veritone and X1
  • Data Consulting

Data Centers

RelativityOne - US

Anthony David
Director of eDiscovery Technology Services

Product Offerings:

  • RelativityOne

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Anthony David
Director of eDiscovery of Technology Services

Product Offerings:

  • Relativity Server
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Partner Since 2013

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RelativityOne Certified Pro (20)
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Relativity Review Management Specialist (11)
Relativity Certified Sales Pro (10)
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • ISO 27001:2013

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