Ferrier Hodgson is a leading Australian provider of forensic IT and eDiscovery services. Our highly experienced team provides consulting and technology solutions with true end-to-end coverage of the EDRM framework. We bring a unique and client-focused approach to engagements, demonstrated through our diverse portfolio of expertise, including developing custom solutions using our own dedicated software developers. A recent engagement involved our team collecting data from several hundred distinct devices and over a thousand cloud storage evidence locations spread across multiple countries. We provided Early Case Assessment on more than 100 million files, reviewed hosting of over 5 million documents in an Analytics augmented workspace and provided court evidence on the providence of the electronic evidence. Please contact Michael Khoury or Dr Peter Chapman for more information.


  • eDiscovery Hosting
  • Litigation support and project management
  • Electronic evidence collection and preservation
  • Early Case assessment
  • Data analytics
  • Consulting services

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Sydney, Australia

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