Founded in 2000, Franklin Data has become one of the most respected data services businesses to global brands, law firms, state and federal agencies, and academia. We understand how valuable data is and the threats that face its protection. Our successful history helps our clients respond to a potential data breach and discover their data in response to regulatory, dispute, and investigative matters. We provide our solutions as managed services, project-based, hourly consulting, and alternative fee structures.

With more than 10,000 data collections completed in more than 40 countries for global brands and leading law firms, Franklin Data has collected data on legacy and modern systems spanning from cell phones, complex structured databases, disaster recovery sites and systems, to legacy and modern computing devices. Our methodologies have been challenged and tested hundreds of times and have never jeopardized the integrity of data collected and preserved. We provide continuous monitoring, phishing, security assessment, managed security services, training and awareness, processing and hosting, managed eDiscovery, and expert witness testimonies. Our data collections teams are available 24/7 and readily available to parachute into a site anywhere globally within hours. For more information, please visit

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