Intrepid Managed Discovery, Inc. (Intrepid) simplifies management of the litigation life cycle by providing digital forensic, data processing, hosting, and managed document review services to AM LAW 500 and Fortune 500 companies as a managed services partner. Intrepid’s process and technology portfolio leverages Agile Methodology principals and consists of services and resources that are highly scalable on demand.

In an increasingly commoditized eDiscovery market, emphasis is often placed on marketing advancements and the latest and greatest trends in technology creating confusion for the end users (AI much?). We, at Intrepid, believe that technology is merely a part of the equation. Our focus is creating a customized and just-in-time process that focuses on specific industries, the client experience, and their legal budget leaving our experts to manage the underlying process and related technology recommendations best suited for the case and investigation needs. This allows our clients to leverage cutting edge solutions and a team of specialists without the need to constantly relearn new software, enabling them to focus on providing the best legal guidance to their clients.


  • Full Spectrum EDRM services, from early case assessment and consulting to review

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