Ricoh eDiscovery enables organizations to make intelligent business decisions by designing innovative solutions that deliver unprecedented data insight and control. We optimize Relativity unlike any other partner in North America – enabling our clients to discover critical insights at the earliest stage, proactively manage costs and mitigate risks. In fact, 82% of our cases leverage conceptual analytics and we have been a key partner in piloting the Active Learning solution.

Working collaboratively with legal teams and decision-makers, our Intelligent eDiscovery solutions combine the most comprehensive suite of powerful and highly-secure technologies hosted within our US and Canadian Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud environments (with FedRAMP Ready Status in the US), quality processes (ISO 9001:2015 certified in Canada), and the expertise of our trusted team of experts and project managers. Our client service is unparalleled, backed by RICOH's 80-year global history of innovation and refusal to be limited by tradition.

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RelativityOne - Canada

Roland von Borstel
(604) 571-4410

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  • RelativityOne

Toronto, Canada

Roland von Borstel
(604) 571-4410

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  • Relativity Server

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