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It takes a lot to solve complex data problems securely. A sandbox is the perfect space to discover new approaches. In the inaugural season of our Security Sandbox podcast, Relativity chief security officer and chief information officer Amanda Fennell explores how curiosity and passion inspire strong security.


Looking to the Stars to Find Common Ground [Security Sandbox Podcast]

The latest episode of Security Sandbox features a star-studded conversation on how astrology and tools like Myers-Briggs can be useful in perfecting team dynamics.

Building Your Winning Game Plan on the Court and in the Workplace [Security Sandbox Podcast]

Learn about great coaching, the importance of planning and goal setting, and how to motivate your team—in basketball and in tech.

Coffee and Collaboration: A Security Pick-Me-Up [Security Sandbox Podcast]

Turns out cybersecurity and coffee make a brew-tiful pair—and not just because caffeine helps the world go ’round.  

Small Breach to Big Screen: Security and the Movies [Security Sandbox Podcast]

Movies and security have a lot more in common than hacker storylines (though we don’t blame you if you’re picturing Nedry’s, 'You didn’t say the magic word,' when he shuts down Jurassic Park).

Conducting a Security Symphony: Music and Data [Security Sandbox Podcast]

Learn how taking risks and finding rhythm can make an unlikely duo, and how you can start conducting your team like an orchestra, from Coré Cotton, assistant GC of Wells Fargo.

Scoring on Defense: Mixing Krav Maga with Data Security [Security Sandbox Podcast]

In our third podcast episode of Security Sandbox, Amanda Fennell chats with Krav Maga expert Tony Cianflone to explore how this Israeli martial art can teach us a thing or two about cybersecurity.

Security Sandbox: Digging for Truth: The Missing Link Between Archaeology and Cybersecurity

Learn why archeologists and security teams alike must seek the unexpected; find the best tools, processes, and people for every investigation; and embrace the “aha!” moment.

Security Sandbox: It Isn't Brain Surgery: Dissecting the Cyber Cerebellum

In this podcast episode, uncover three tips on averting and managing a crisis as two security experts and a neurosurgeon talk shop.

Introducing Security Sandbox: An Unconventional Cybersecurity Podcast

A new podcast, Security Sandbox, takes lessons from security experts' personal passions to inspire stronger, more creative security practices for cyber professionals.

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