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Relativity Analytics

Relativity offers conceptual searching functionality through Relativity Analytics. Conceptual searching works with concepts instead of keywords. Unlike traditional search engines, indexing is based on co-occurrences of words and recognizes ideas and concepts between documents. The supporting technology is the mathematically-based latent semantic indexing (LSI).

There are no pre-established word lists, dictionaries or linguistic techniques such as sentence structures. Relativity Analytics is language-independent and self-training. The search technology “learns” all it requires from material selected for searching. Not only can it identify, classify and sort information rapidly, it can find relevant documents that other search techniques miss.

Analytics is language agnostic, meaning that you can index any language and it will "learn" that language. The indexing process does not take term location into account; it is solely based upon term co-occurrence.

There are several ways to use Relativity Analytics:


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