RelativityOne Certified Pro Certification

Relativity Experience Level: Beginner

Any experience level can be successful

Study Commitment

10-20 hours

Exam Fee


Exam Overview

The RelativityOne Certified Pro certification helps Relativity Server and RelativityOne users, and others who advocate for RelativityOne inside and outside their organization, verify their proficiency using the product and communicating its advantages.


To register for an exam, visit the Certification Tracker on the Relativity Community site and click the “Take the Exam” button.

Exam Details

Version: RelativityOne

Delivery Method: Online or Testing Center

Duration: 35 minutes

Number of questions: 50

Feedback: Pass, Fail

Maintenance requirements: Earn 6 Relativity Continuing Education (RCE) credits annually

Prepare for the Exam

Prerequisites: None

Suggested Training: RelativityOne Overview training

Study Resources and FAQs: Please review resources below for detailed information on our exams, the registration process, and links for Relativity-approved study resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Keep Your Certification Current

Once you pass the exam, don’t forget to keep up with your continuing education credits.

RelativityOne Overview Training

Learn more about RelativityOne from the people who know it best during this online training.