Relativity Certified Trainer - Relativity 101

Relativity Experience Level: Skilled/Advanced

One year of training or facilitation experience preferred

Time Commitment

45 hours including prework & bootcamp

Exam Fee


RCT Overview

Become a Relativity trainer with the Relativity Certified Trainer (RCT) program—the first of its kind at Relativity. With access to Relativity training materials, virtual environments, and our full-time trainers, you’ll have all the tools you need to successfully train, on your turf.

Like all our certifications, the RCT program is rigorous—including pre-work, a virtual meet-and-greet, a weeklong bootcamp, and a final evaluation on your ability to train a portion of Relativity 101. Once accepted to the program, you’ll attend a one-hour virtual meet-and-greet and complete six hours of pre-work in preparation for a weeklong bootcamp. Once certified, you can host Relativity 101 trainings for $350/attendee—half the cost of a standard Relativity training.

RCT Details

Delivery Method: Online

Final Evalution: Teach a section of training for 30 minutes during bootcamp

Feedback: Pass, Fail

Maintenance requirements: Conduct a virtual training

How to Become a RCT


  • A valid Relativity Certified Administrator certification
  • Employed at a sponsoring company

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