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A growing, full-service law firm with 135 years of history, Dickinson Wright covers 40 practice areas with 350 lawyers dedicated to exceptional client service. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits and individuals, and they have offices across North America.

Recently, they were representing a client in a large medical insurance case comprised of more than 500,000 documents. Because the agreed-upon responsive terms were very specific, they anticipated a low responsiveness rate.

“Before getting a team organized, especially for reviewing large cases, we’re making sure we talk to clients about Assisted Review.”
KIM FISHER, Practice Support Manager

The team calculated a traditional review would require 12 attorneys working 40 hours per week for 21 straight days, adding up to a total cost of $360,000—but the case team was confident they could bring those numbers down with Relativity Assisted Review.


Dickinson Wright’s team put one subject matter expert on the case. She set up an Assisted Review project and trained the system independently. After one successful round, she conducted two more before reaching project stabilization.


After just three rounds of Assisted Review, the subject matter expert was able to narrow down the potentially responsive set to only 2,700 documents. She reviewed the remaining documents for responsiveness and found very few non-responsive documents in the set, so most were produced to opposing counsel.

The job was completed in around 90 hours, 1/16 of the projected time it would’ve taken to complete a traditional review. That resulted in an estimated cost of savings of $335,250.

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