Working on a second request, a litigation support provider and their client faced tens of millions of documents and a deadline of just two months for production. Relativity Analytics made it possible.

“Relativity Assisted Review is our go-to tool. We adjust each workflow to meet the needs of the case, but the end result is always the same—we save our clients time and money.”
SUSAN STONE, Director of Hosting and EDD Services


Advanced Discovery helps clients find what matters, when it matters. We are an award-winning and leading global eDiscovery and litigation support provider, partnering with law firms and corporations since 2002. Advanced Discovery and Millnet, our UK-based subsidiary, offer expert advisory consulting, data preservation and forensic collection, early case assessment, hosting and processing, managed document review, legal technology consultancy, legal placement solutions and more. Together, we have more than a hundred Relativity certifications—and more Relativity Masters than any other eDiscovery company worldwide. Our flagship eDiscovery solution, Advanced Discovery CompleteSM, leverages leading industry professionals, applies defensible workflows and provides proprietary and industry-proven extensions to Relativity across all phases of the eDiscovery lifecycle. Our clients also recognize our commitment to expertise and excellence; nearly 90% engage us for multiple eDiscovery projects.