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Anexsys Wrangles, Whittles 100,000+ Chat Messages for Review with Relativity

Organizations rely on a mix of messaging platforms for communications, each of which churns out huge volumes of data. Message data related to an investigation or litigation is often full of noise. Is the number of times a custodian pokes someone on Facebook relevant? In most cases, probably not, and this massive amount of information makes it difficult for reviewers to find the messages that count.

Coupled with information overload, the presentation of chat messages is not as straightforward as other forms of communication. For example, an email thread—where the parent message and subsequent replies are apparent—allows reviewers to follow complex email conversations. Chats, with users sending messages and having side conversations across other messaging platforms, present a unique challenge.

Anexsys RTK.Message Screenshot

"Message data is absolutely everywhere. We've had customers approach us about Facebook profiles or Bloomberg data they're struggling to review," said Jon Chan, director of technical services at Relativity Certified Partner Anexsys. "We soon realized we needed a way to review all types of message data.

Anexsys recognized that review workarounds for message data had been manual and ad hoc. To create a streamlined, repeatable process, they built an application on top of Relativity: RTK.Message.

Anexsys RTK.Message Screenshot

Armed with the application, Anexsys was ready to tackle a client's request to convert a large volume of Bloomberg messaging data into reviewable documents. Anexsys first uploaded the data into RTK.Message, which generated more than 100,000 individual chat messages. The team then processed the messages into a Relativity staging area and filtered them using Relativity's widgets and dashboards. Finally, the team culled unnecessary content, such as when users entered or left Bloomberg chat rooms. When they published it to a workspace, the resulting data set for review—only those items deemed pertinent to the case—contained just 12,000 documents.

“Harnessing the power of Relativity, we created a sophisticated tool to simplify the review of message data for all types of messaging platforms. We’re excited to continue building on the tool to offer our clients innovative solutions that meet their business challenges”
JON CHAN, Director of Technical Services

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Since 2004, Anexsys has offered dedicated outsourced services to law firms, corporations, and the public sector, operating from ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited secure sites in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Bristol. The company provides a full range of services including data collection, computer forensics, data processing, document hosting, managed services, outsourced review, and reprographic services. As well as being ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited at all five of their locations, Anexsys is Cyber Essentials Plus certified.