Barrister Digital Solutions was supporting a small law firm client on an employment law case that involved a collection of seven custodian email boxes and a human resources shared drive. With just one month and only one attorney to dedicate to the review of the overly broad collection of 358,095 documents, Barrister wasn’t sure how they were going to pull it off. Luckily, Sheryl Rahn, Director of the Professional Services Group at Barrister, was in the process of Analytics onboarding with the Relativity Customer Success team when this case came up, and had a good idea of how to apply the features to reduce the volume of data.

Sheryl first decided to pull the documents into an Early Case Assessment (ECA) workspace so she could apply search terms and date filters for each custodian. After culling out the junk emails, she only needed to promote one fifth of the documents into the review workspace. Knowing the review attorney was new to Analytics, Sheryl set up a customized workflow to make it easy. First, she used structured analytics like email threading and near-duplicate identification to see what they had in the review set, and then she ran categorization to organize, identify, and prioritize documents to speed up the review. The Analytics workflow identified only 11,644 documents that needed review, allowing the attorney to complete the review and some additional searches in two weeks, compared to the two months it would have taken without ECA and Analytics.

"What makes Relativity Analytics such a powerful tool is the ability to customize each workflow on a case-by-case basis. Relativity’s onboarding process opened my eyes to what’s possible."
SHERYL RAHN, Director of Professional Services Group

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