Working under a seven-day deadline, icourts used email threading in Relativity to power through a second round of discovery and save their client nearly 228 hours in review time.

A law firm involved in a liquidation matter approached icourts about conducting a linear review of 3,788 documents. Being new to the e-discovery process, the lawyer initially thought this was the best course of action.

Nearly two weeks and several long nights later, both parties were eager to move into the production phase.

Then, a second round of discovery dumped an additional 13,000 documents on icourts' review plate.

“We were working under a seven-day turnaround time with only one dedicated reviewer, and our client was becoming more aware that a linear review would simply take too long for a review project of this size," said Kelly Czurajewski, senior legal technology analyst at icourts. “They agreed that technology could help bring some much-needed efficiency to the process.”

Of the 13,000 documents, 11,000 were emails and their attachments. icourts used email threading visualization to eliminate duplicative content and narrow the document set to 3,500, a nearly 68 percent reduction.

Using email threading saved their client nearly 228 hours in review time and an estimated $67,680.

“Using Relativity, we were able to get documents to our client three days before their deadline,” said Kelly. “Our client kept asking us how we got the job done so quickly, and were delighted by the time and money they saved with technology.”

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