A city entity partnered with Shepherd Data Services when they needed to respond to a public records request in conjunction with a pending litigation. With a collection of 1.2M documents, Shepherd recommended using Relativity ECA and Investigation to quickly and defensibly identify relevant documents. The team used dashboard visualizations to evaluate the impact of different search terms combined with filters, enabling them to identify less than 100,000 documents for review in one week. This workflow helped guide their decision making throughout the process and cut the overall cost of the project in half.

"We are very impressed with Relativity ECA and Investigation. Our clients now have a platform to cull documents in a way that makes sense to them, with great visuals and immediate feedback."
BENJAMIN LEGATT, VP of Client Consulting

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Certified woman-owned, Minneapolis-based Shepherd Data Services (SDS) has answered the electronic discovery and electronic digital forensic service needs of corporations, law firms, and government entities since 2002. Whether using cutting edge eDiscovery or digital forensic tools, designing clever software, or expertly training and consulting on everything from preservation through production, Shepherd Data Services nimbly delivers the services that legal professionals need to thrive. Shepherd Data staff can do this for you because we understand legal professional requirements. After all, Shepherd Data’s President started her career as a litigator and started looking into the technological possibilities in the early 1990s. Not surprisingly, the Shepherd Data Services business model centers on delivery of “on-point” services as if each staffer had to pay for the work out of their own pocket. Think about it - an alliance with Shepherd Data Services may be the most valuable one a legal professional forms.