Security Insights

We work hand in hand with our customers and the security community to share actionable intelligence and defend against threat actors.

A United Front

Customer Transparency

We regularly share insights with customers and frequently work side by side with them to correct critical vulnerabilities in their own environments. We’re happy to provide access to the relevant security logs from your RelativityOne instance so you can conduct an independent second-level log review and identify security events unique to your organization and threat model.

Industry Collaboration

We present at conferences, produce white papers, write blog posts, and engage with customers to present the latest threat landscape, attack trends, and mitigation strategies for protecting environments. We also collaborate with our threat intelligence providers to share indicators of compromise to further enhance detection in the industry at large.

Security Alliances

We’re part of a whole network of cybersecurity professionals, and we regularly share events and indicators of compromise, output of analyses, and regular educational offerings. In return, we receive invaluable insight into threats in the wild and have the chance to help increase security around the globe. Some of the groups we work with include:

Information Technology and Information Sharing and Analysis Center logo

A forum for managing risks and strengthening IT infrastructure through cyber-information sharing and analysis.

Mitre Attack Logo

An adversary behavior framework that helps us understand risks, plan, verify defense, and help the community take a proactive defensive stance.


An organization that provides unbiased and practical cost-effective information about computer and internet applications.

Cloud Security Alliance Logo

Promotes best practices for securely operating in a cloud environment.

Creating a Secure Digital Future

Relativity is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association – a network of innovators and security experts who create solutions to better defend against the world’s increasing threats. Our integration between Microsoft Information Protection and Relativity Trace helps compliance teams securely decrypt MIP content – because being compliant should never come at the cost of security.

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Relativity Community

Security in RelativityOne: How We Keep Your Data Safe
Find Calder7 Resources on the Relativity Community Site You can find security insights, such as threat landscape updates, on the Relativity Community site. Visit the file library and click on Security Resources to explore. (Community access may be required.)

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