Why Relativity
Organize data. Discover the truth. Act on it.

The truth is important.

Relativity makes that a whole lot simpler.

When it comes to e-discovery, you need the truth to act quickly, whether it’s understanding your organization’s risk around an internal issue, finding and preparing evidence for litigation, or even working through M&A activity. But with the amount of data out there, it’s not always easy to organize data and find the truth.

We’ve developed powerful technology to help rethink the cumbersome and arduous task of e-discovery, making it more manageable, efficient, and insightful. Relativity brings the entire process together in a single platform, connected to your most important data and supported by the community of experts you need to untangle it all.

With the latest in advanced searching and analytics, machine learning, and visualizations all built in, Relativity’s your complete platform for organizing your data, discovering the truth, and acting on it.


Live in the cloud with a scalable, secure, and flexible SaaS e-discovery solution with instant access to new features. Learn more about RelativityOne.

Hybrid Model

With such diverse legal requirements for managing data out there, what works for one project may not work for the next. With Relativity, you’re in control of how you work with your data—on-premises, in the cloud, through a Relativity partner, or any combination—within a unified experience.

Single Solution

Start and finish e-discovery in one solution with a single audit trail to boot. No risky data transfers required, and you get options to suit your needs from basic workflows to the most advanced machine learning approach.

Open Platform

We’ve built Relativity as an open platform, so you can extend its functionality to meet your unique needs—whether that’s leaning on the apps built by one of over 50 Relativity developer partners or building them yourself, even without prior programming experience.

Partner Network

Take advantage of more than 120 global partners for diverse, expert solutions around Relativity—from structured and unstructured data management, to business process transformation, to industry-specific workflows and applications. They do it all. Check out our Authorized Partners to learn more.


Sometimes, e-discovery takes a village—and we’ve got one built in. From our partner network and online communities, to user groups and conferences, there are endless opportunities to learn, collaborate, and scale your capabilities with Relativity and peer experts around the globe.

“The Relativity developer community is valuable because they allow us to tap into their expertise and experience in developing custom solutions on the Relativity platform.”

JUDY TORRES, Vice President of Information Services


Relativity is passionate about e-discovery, and we know you are, too. Collaborate with a community of users from more than 13,000 unique organizations. From user groups to training and certification, the Relativity Community offers opportunities to deepen expertise while learning from peers who use Relativity. Jump into the Relativity Community site to find answers to your toughest e-discovery questions, all while building connections with other Relativity users.

Over 2,900
new users have joined the community in 2017
Average of 3
replies on every question asked in the Community
Nearly 200
ideas delivered into Relativity from the Community
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total votes cast for feature ideas

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