5 Reasons ILTACON Shouldn't Be in Las Vegas

blog_ILTACON-2015We’re a mere 15 days from thousands of legal technology professionals descending on Las Vegas for one of the industry’s biggest events of the year—ILTACON 2015. For those of you who don’t attend, it’s a great show that travels between a few different host cities. Last time it was in Las Vegas was two years back, when we launched Relativity Binders and led a really large (and really fun) hands-on computer-assisted review training that showed us interest in the technology was stronger than ever. But, if you think about it, Vegas is a strange location for ILTACON—August weather notwithstanding.

Don’t get us wrong: Las Vegas is great, and we love the Bellagio craps tables as much as the next software company. It’s just that the commonalities between ILTACON and Sin City are few. We see 5 key differences that really set our experiences at ILTACON apart from Las Vegas.

1. What happens at ILTACON … stays with you when you get home.

From the technology you’ll learn about at the expo hall to the well-designed educational content, it’s rare to leave ILTACON without at least a handful of great ideas for making your work better. Many members of the Relativity community are presenting this year—from law firms like Troutman Sanders and Jones Walker sharing their own software deployment considerations to Winston & Strawn discussing what’s next for e-discovery—and they all promise to leave you with something worth considering well after the show.

2. e-Discovery doesn’t need to be a game of chance.

In legal technology—and in e-discovery specifically—we’ve evolved past the point of software being a game of chance. Did I find the right data? Will I luck into the right reviewers stumbling upon the hottest docs? Do I need to set my eyes on every document to be safe? There are more ways to get smarter about e-discovery and investigations than ever before, and ILTACON’s a great place to find out how in sessions and in conversations.

3. The best performances aren’t $200 per ticket.

Although it’s been years since ILTACON has landed Celine Dion to headline the show—don’t quote me on that—the keynote presentations are always some of the best, most talked-about legal technology events of the year. Last year’s keynotes on disruptive technologies and cybersecurity set the stage for what everyone was talking about at the event—and is still talking about a year later.

4. There aren’t any illusionists.

Most booths in the expo hall won’t just be about bells and whistles—although there will be plenty—but about showing you some actual software and tools that can improve your day-to-day life. Companies tend to bring their best and brightest with them to ILTACON, so you can have great conversations with people that really know the software they’re showing you.

5. It’s more about Ocean’s 1:1.

Maybe Danny Ocean needed to gather a crew of 11 to make Vegas work for him, but the one-on-one conversations you have at ILTACON are some of the best you’ll have this year. Whether you’re meeting with collaborators, analysts, or vendors, there’s no better way to meet than face-to-face in an intimate setting—where you can really ask the questions you’ve been meaning to without distraction. If you want to meet with us, just ask.

No matter where it is, ILTACON provides a great opportunity to connect with the legal community, learn from some thought-provoking educational sessions, and make meaningful connections. We’ll see you there, and be sure to subscribe to the blog for coverage during the event by our own e-discovery counsel, David Horrigan.

Shawn Gaines is director of marketing communications at kCura, where he guides content strategy, PR and analyst relations, social media, and brand messaging.




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