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A Complete e-Discovery Solution: What's in It for Inside Counsel?

Greg Houston

Identifying and collecting data that’s relevant to litigation, internal investigations, or data remediation can be a challenge as electronic information continues to grow at an exponential rate. Even corporate counsel with software already in place for the initial stages of the e-discovery process may find the number of documents, storage locations, and custodians quickly outpace the capabilities of those tools.

Over the last few years, e-discovery platforms built to handle big data at the processing, review, and analysis stages have expanded end-to-end, giving corporate counsel a new choice for identification, preservation, and collection. Here are a few areas in which an e-discovery solution excels (please click to download):

Relativity Corporate Solutions

Greg Houston is a member of the Relativity customer success team, providing guidance on customized e-discovery workflows that fit the unique needs of every case team. Greg previously served as litigation support project manager at various Chicago law firms and has 12 years of experience managing small and large cases from collection to trial.