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A New Leader Joins the Relativity Team

Andrew Sieja

I’m excited to announce that I’ve decided to take on a new role at Relativity. Effective July 1, I’m moving into a position as Relativity’s executive chairman. As part of this change, I’m honored to bring in a dynamic leader and friend—LinkedIn veteran Mike Gamson—to lead the company as Relativity’s new CEO.

I’m super excited about Mike and what he’ll do for the business and our customers. He is an exceptional technology executive. From the moment I met him, I was impressed by his leadership, character, and his experience in building customer-centric, diverse, and inclusive teams. He brings more than 20 years of experience in fast-growing tech organizations. Most recently, he was the senior vice president of global solutions at LinkedIn, where he led an organization of 5,000 employees across 30 offices worldwide—representing functions as diverse as sales, customer success, research, insights, and operations across four lines of business from 2007 through 2019.

Mike isn’t new to Relativity. He has served on our advisory board for the past two years, and during that time has developed an understanding and passion for Relativity, its mission, and values. More importantly, Mike and I developed a deep personal and professional relationship based on a shared aspiration of what Relativity can do for our customers and the type of workplace we can build for our employees.

With his deep SaaS experience, commitment to investing in people, and passion for Relativity, I believe that Mike will be an amazing CEO who will lead our company through our next wave of growth by executing on our mission.

My New Role

In my new role I will remain closely involved in the company, advising Mike and the leadership team, engaging with our customers and partners, and—what I am most excited about—having the opportunity to once again get deep with the product and technology and help accelerate the evolution of Relativity.

Relativity is my life’s work. Since day one, the passionate and inventive minds in our user community have powered our business, inspired our work, and inspired me. I'm so thankful that hundreds of thousands of end users have used Relativity all over the world to organize data, discover the truth, and act on it.

The Promise of RelativityOne

With users from over 1,500 organizations, including half of the Am Law 200, RelativityOne is the fastest growing product in our company’s history and continues to gain traction with customers looking to transform their business.

Our journey in transforming our delivery model to SaaS with RelativityOne has been so rewarding. It’s added a whole new dimension to how we innovate for and support our users. We can now observe what their experience is through rich telemetry, react to their needs faster, and give them immediate access to all our work—from our latest and greatest innovations to the smallest tweak that only the most experienced Relativity pro will notice.

As a software engineer, having the opportunity to re-immerse myself with our users and work side-by-side with our product and technology teams—using all the tools SaaS gives us to deliver a superior product and user experience—is a dream.

The Potential of Our Platform

Being an open and connected platform is a cornerstone of how we designed Relativity and it’s energizing to learn of all the ways our customers, partners, and ISVs have used the platform to extend Relativity to solve problems in e-discovery and create new solutions that transcend Relativity into new markets. Within Relativity, there is significant investment in evolving our platform, and with every update to RelativityOne, we are giving our customers a richer palette to innovate and build on.

As an entrepreneur, having the space in my new role to explore where we can take the platform with customers and partners to solve new problems and generate new opportunities is also a dream.


Our business is in a great place. We’re on pace to hit our fourth consecutive year of accelerated growth, and RelativityOne has gained significant momentum in just over two years—now representing close to a fifth of our business. We’re making great progress on our roadmap, and customers are excited for our latest innovations like short message review. Our team of nearly 1,000 employees around the world continues to grow. I’m excited to step into my new role to help us keep up the momentum, and I’m excited for Mike’s leadership and the role he will play as our new CEO.

Thank You.

None of this is possible without you. Thank you to all our customers, partners, end users, and employees who have supported Relativity throughout the years. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so excited for our future together.

Please help me welcome Mike to our community as Relativity's new CEO.

Andrew H. Sieja
Founder and Executive Chairman

Andrew Sieja is the founder and executive chairman of Relativity. As Relativity embarks on a multi-year transformation into a cloud-based SaaS company, Andrew is committed to offering a great product, providing relentless customer support, and ensuring that team members love working at Relativity. Andrew also started Relativity Gives, a community outreach program that has invested nearly $2 million in education and technology causes in Chicago, London, and Krakow. A computer programmer by trade, Andrew loves technology and worked as a technologist for a variety of multi-national companies and consulting firms prior to starting Relativity.