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Build a Killer Personal Brand in e-Discovery: Part I [VIDEO]

April Runft

Are “personal brands” still a thing?

Sheryl Sandberg recently poopooed the idea in favor of the more en vogue “personal voice.” The problem is, a “brand” isn’t mere packaging—superficial touches like your hairstyle and how you dress. That’s part of it. But I’d argue that the larger part of personal brand encompasses the way we get our work done, collaborate with others, communicate, and represent ourselves online.

In the tightknit, small-world industry of e-discovery, that combination of qualities matters. Call it “brand” or “voice,” you have one—whether or not you’re conscious of it.

At Relativity Fest 2017, we asked several professionals to share: how do communication style, thought leadership, social media presence, and networking shape our personal brands, and why does it matter? In this two-part series, we’ll share their TED Talk-style presentations from the conference.

Part one:

Lisa Arthur, Relativity’s chief marketing officer, kicks off the session with a conceptual exploration of “personal brand” and a story of what she feared was a “CLM”—career-limiting moment.
In “Both/And,” Dorie Blesoff, chief people officer at Relativity, asks, where’s the line between flexing your style to accommodate others and compromising who you are?

Key takeaway? Whether we’re talking about a company’s brand or your own personal one, the secret ingredient is authenticity.

April Runft is a member of the marketing communications team at Relativity, specializing in content development.

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