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Custom Solutions Spotlight: Productions

Greg Houston

Our Relativity experts and custom development teams often provide custom solutions to Relativity customers who want to do more—or achieve unique workflows—with the software. Once these applications are built, they’re often posted for everyone in the Relativity community to use.

You can view and download the most popular solutions in the new Advice Hub section of the Relativity Customer Portal. Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find for productions workflows.

Normalize Redactions Across Relational Group. When this script is executed, documents are grouped together based on the group field selected. Documents in the same group are considered duplicates. The script will find all unique redactions in the selected markup set for each group of duplicate documents. For each document in the duplicate group, the script will find which redactions do not already exist and which are present in other documents. For any redactions that do not exist, the script will apply the missing redactions to the selected markup set.

Populate Parent ID and Child ID. This workspace-level script populates the parent ID and child ID for a document in a saved search. If a document is the parent document in a group, the parent ID will be blank and the child ID will include all child documents’ begin Bates fields separated by semi-colons. If a document is a child document in a group, the parent ID will include the begin Bates field number of the parent document, and the child ID will be blank.

Production Gap and Overlay Check. This workspace-level script generates a report of the gaps and overlaps in Bates numbers for the selected production.

Production Tracker. This application helps keep track of productions and the Bates numbers associated with documents in a separate Relativity object.

Reproduce Redaction to Document Universe. This script reproduces a redaction made on one primary document to all other documents in a specified saved search.

We encourage you to learn more about these custom solutions in the Advice Hub in the Customer Portal. They can help make simple, day-to-day tasks in Relativity more efficient. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Greg Houston is a member of the Relativity customer success team, providing guidance on customized e-discovery workflows that fit the unique needs of every case team. Greg previously served as litigation support project manager at various Chicago law firms and has 12 years of experience managing small and large cases from collection to trial.