Custom Solutions Spotlight: Review Workflows

by Greg Houston on October 28, 2014

Product Spotlight

Our advice@Relativity and custom development teams often provide custom solutions to Relativity customers who want to do more—or achieve unique workflows—with the software. Once these applications are built, they’re often posted for everyone in the Relativity community to use.

You can view and download the most popular solutions in the new Advice Hub section of the Relativity Customer Portal. Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find for review tasks during a project.

Coding Overturn. This workspace-level solution reports changes made to a coding decision after second-level review. The report displays the original field value, the new value, the user who made the changes, the user’s group access, and the timestamp for all documents.

Copy Redactions Across Markup Sets. This script allows users to copy redactions from one markup set to another for documents included in a selected saved search.

Copy Redactions Across Workspaces. This solution copies redactions from one workspace to another.

Propagate Coding Post-Import. This solution selectively propagates coding from existing documents to newly loaded documents based on the relational field.

Reviewer Productivity. This workspace application accumulates coding calls made by reviewers for specified single and multi-choice, single choice, or yes/no fields, and provides a summary report for a specified date range.

Track Document Field Edits by Reviewer. This solution populates user and date fields with the reviewer’s name and current time every time a specified field is edited in a document. The solution can monitor single choice, multiple choice, and yes/no fields.

Update Duplicate Status. This script populates a single choice field with “Unique,” “Master,” or “Duplicate” based on the number of documents per relational group.

User Workspace Access and Last Login. This system-level script displays a list of current Relativity users, the date of their last login, and workspaces that they currently have access to.

We encourage you to learn more about these custom solutions in the Advice Hub in the Customer Portal. They can help make simple, day-to-day tasks in Relativity more efficient. If you have any questions, please contact us at


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