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Innovation Awards 2020: The Best Relativity Apps of the Year

Drew Deitch

Relativity Fest and the Innovation Awards have always been about celebrating and putting the spotlight on our customers. With Fest going fully virtual this year, that focus has never been more important.

While we will miss seeing so many of your friendly faces, it’s been amazing to see how this community has come together over the past several months, supporting one another and using Relativity to fill gaps and tackle challenges that extend well beyond e-discovery. On behalf of the entire Innovation Awards team, we appreciate your hard work, and we hope that you are all safe and healthy.

Developing on the Platform

With the legal industry being tested by the rapid transition to remote work, the value of building custom applications on top of the secure and simply powerful Relativity platform has never been more apparent. Last year, when we shared the tech finalists for the 2019 awards, we spoke about how we’ve built Relativity as a platform and have made big investments to empower the community to take advantage of its extensibility.

This year, we’ve really seen this call to action come to life with brand new and critical use cases driven by the challenges of COVID-19, LIBOR, PII protection, and more. Some examples:

Morae took their years of remote review experience and applied that to enhance their Secure Remote Review capabilities while maintaining control over access and functionality for remote teams.

(In addition to tackling COVID-19, Morae designed LIBOR Transition to tackle the LIBOR lifecycle.)

Deloitte built their CLAIMS application to structure their workflows around legislation that provided emergency funding in response to COVID-19.

EY built Rebound, a COVID-19 Command Center that pulls metrics from 15,000 different data sources.

Anexsys made all our lives easier with Mask-It, an application that automates the identification and redaction of PII.

And let’s not forget about the submissions that make everyday workflows in Relativity easier, like Accuracy’s Accur’Order, which allows teams to drag and drop views, tabs, and layouts into their desired positions.

Plus, JND’s OneSearch, which allows teams to see various search results through a single interface, makes searching in Relativity more intuitive for Relativity users of all experience levels.

Whether teams are trying to tackle the results of a global pandemic or solve everyday problems to yield time and cost relief for their teams, it’s clear that there is no problem this community can’t solve when they come together.

This Year’s Line-up

We say it every year, but by the end of every nomination cycle, we are always blown away by the tech submissions for the Innovation Awards—and 2020 was no different. This year we even had a record-breaking number of submissions. You can see descriptions and screenshots for each of them here.

To help evaluate this year’s submissions, we called on fellow Relativians, as well as some external industry experts, to provide their expertise and cast their votes. As in previous years, we scored all submissions on qualities like “most impactful to customer’s business” and “wow factor.”

With the help of our judges, we have narrowed the submissions to three finalists in each category.

Best Solution: Law Firm or Corporation Finalists

  • CheckMate by Herbert Smith Freehills

CheckMate facilitates the automatic capture of historical field data based on flexible rules so that it could easily be adapted for any legal review or e-discovery workflow. This historical data can be tracked for as long or short a period as required, and reports can be produced in the form of visual charts and graphs or exported to Excel for further analysis of trends and metric

  • LitSmart AutoReporter by Kilpatrick Townsend

LitSmart AutoReporter removes the manual clicks needed to run searches and reports, by allowing users to create customized profiles where groups of searches can be designated to run automatically, on a schedule. This eliminates the need for manually repetitive processes and workflows. 

  • US Government COVID Order Workspace by DLA Piper

DLA built a custom application to track government orders and regulations around COVID-19. New information and data were being released daily and there were constant new orders on how to operate in COVID. The app tracks this data across multiple states and jurisdictions.

Best Solution: Service Provider Finalists

  • Audio Discovery by Deloitte UK

TrueVoice was developed to enable the playback and searching of audio files. Enhanced with behavioral sentiment analysis and click-to-jump review, TrueVoice allows customers to easily monitor interactions and quickly highlight areas of risk. 

  • Rebound by EY

Rebound is a COVID-19 Command Center that pulls metrics from various sources and updates them regularly. The platform creates a repository that tracks communications, insurance policies, contracts, and other data points. 

  • CI Admin by Compliance DS

CI Admin is an administrative gateway to your entire Relativity ecosystem. Through a single application, CI Admin allows you to create and manage user credentials through two-factor SSO configuration and uses single sign-on protocols to seamlessly grant access to partner applications contained in Compliance’s App Store. CI Admin also audits all user info, from GPS coordinates to login attempts.

This Year's Submissions

Congratulations to all our finalists, but let’s not forget our other amazing submissions. Check them out during Relativity Fest (remember: it’s free to attend the virtual event this year). You can also explore submissions in advance on the Innovation Awards page of our Fest website.

  • Accur’Order by Accuracy, drag and drop placement for views, tabs, and layouts
  • Athenagy by BDO, dashboards that provide critical insights and real transparency into data to drive better business outcomes
  • Audio Discovery by Deloitte UK, playback and searching of audio files with behavioral sentiment analysis
  • CDS Convert by CDS, automated short message ingestion into RSMF
  • CheckMate by Herbert Smith Freehills, automated capture of historical field data
  • CI Admin by Compliance, global-level users management, including SSO and application deployment
  • CI Migrate by Compliance, one-click ARM migration to RelativityOne
  • ClaimD by Deloitte Canada, end-to-end claims management
  • Claims by Deloitte, COVID-19 expense claims processing
  • Communication Intelligence by Aon, short message ingestion into bubble chat format
  • Entity for Trial by Anexsys, support and creation of trial bundles
  • ExportOne by Aon, production/post-production automation to control data consistency
  • Export QC Wizard by Aon, production inspection wizard
  • Flat File Viewer by Law In Order, load file analysis and modification
  • GEMBA by Ricoh Canada, automated export, encryption, and re-upload of Excel files
  • LIBOR Transition by Morae, analysis to facilitate the full LIBOR lifecycle
  • LitSmart AutoReporter by Kilpatrick Townsend, scheduled search and report automation
  • Mask-It by Anexsys, automated detection and redaction of PII
  • MessengerOne by The MCS Group, chat feature allowing teams to communicate directly a workspace while auditing chat records
  • Multi Matter Tracking and Settlement Analysis by Polsinelli, centralized repository for all case data
  • OneSearch by JND, single search interface for various search types with graphical representation
  • Rebound by EY, COVID-19 command center with regularly refresh metrics from various data sources
  • ReMEdiate by MinterElison, data point ingestion and calculation
  • Secure Remote Review by Morae, secure environment access while maintaining control of remote review functionality
  • Sky Photo Search by Sky Discovery, photo analysis to identify the objects contained in images
  • Source Information Tracking by Ricoh Canada, easily track original source location for files
  • Theia by Special Counsel, intelligent document interpreter that enables clients to automatically tag and analyze image content
  • US Government COVID Order Workspace by DLA, tracks government orders and regulations around COVID-19 across states and jurisdictions
  • Vu by Contact Discovery, centralized location for all workspace data and metrics

Visit the Relativity Fest website to read full descriptions and see screenshots of all of our participants, and don’t miss the awards ceremony that will take place on September 23—the last day of this year’s fully virtual conference.

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Drew Deitch is commercial lead of Relativity Patents, where he helps patent attorneys and searchers work faster with AI. He's been at Relativity for 10 years, in roles supporting our strategic partnerships, executive team, and product strategy.