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Innovation Awards 2021: The Best Relativity Apps of the Year

Michael Obregon

In 2021, we celebrate the eighth annual Relativity Innovation Awards. Over those eight years, we’ve seen amazing submissions that cover functions from project management to AI to, yes, pizza. Though much has changed over time—including, hosts, guest judges, mascots (looking at you Tropheo), and in-person and all-virtual approaches to Relativity Fest—one thing has clearly remained the same. That’s the ability of this community to come together to solve challenging problems in an impactful way.

Groups like Deloitte are expanding their partnership with Relativity, tackling use cases that go beyond e-discovery with their submission, Claims Administration Systems, which provides a standardized workflow for bankruptcy claims management. Likewise, customers like Clayton Utz with Privilege Assist and Aon with Aon Data Privacy Detect and Respond are building tools and integrations to identify PII and other privileged information faster for their clients.

We also saw teams getting more value from their data. Herbert Smith Freehills built Gemini, a custom de-duplication application that allows the team to consolidate data sets from numerous sources. BDO’s Athenagy builds a common data model between RelativityOne and Microsoft’s Advanced e-Discovery, providing customers better insights into their data. PowerCI by Compliance provides customers with iterative reporting, allowing them to make fact-based, strategic decisions on overall data management.

Lastly, let’s not forget those that are taking what you can do with “out-of-the-box” Relativity to the next level. Ricoh Canada built Client Dashboards, which provides customers with insights on a wide range of metrics within their RelativityOne environment. Polsinelli organized a large number of cases, each at various stages of litigation, linking documents and client details with Enquire+. SiskindsLLP used Mass Claims Manager to build a workflow that takes a claim from intake to settlement and Capital One built their eDiscovery Collections Application as a one-stop shop that reports on the life of a case from beginning to end.

Whether you’re using APIs or taking advantage of RDOs, this community solves unique challenges time and time again. As always, we’re blown away. Learn more about our finalists and submissions below.

This Year’s Line-up

Each year, we award one solution provider and one enterprise customer a Best Innovation award. A committee of Relativity experts use criteria to narrow submissions to three finalists in each category. As in previous years, we scored all submissions on qualities like “most impactful to customer’s business” and “wow factor.”

Best Innovation Finalists

Datos by eMerge

Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP

Many legal matters involve information found in structured data sources—not just files and emails. eMerge set out to create a custom solution and application on top of Relativity to provide the functionality needed to import structured data, build relationships between structured data objects, investigate and analyze structured data, batch out, review and code individual structured data objects, and produce structured data. Datos provides a simple wizard-based process for importing complex structured data sources into objects within Relativity. Once the data is in Relativity, Datos has a unique individual record field viewer where reviewers can view all the fielded data for a record and apply coding decisions for that record. Leveraging existing layout capabilities, we display a layout containing all the fields of the record on the left in place of the document viewer and a standard coding layout on the right so that users have a familiar looking Relativity interface to review structured data records. Datos also provides scripts to generate individual unique production numbers for each record being produced. The produced records can then be exported to MS Excel files or converted to record-level text files that can then be imaged, and Bates numbered, like any other document in Relativity.

DDIQ Integrator


DDIQ screens thousands of data sources to automatically and comprehensively identify, assess, and mitigate risk while uncovering deeper links between entities. Exiger’s solution empowers users to manage their client’s risk profiles, automate and streamline KYC onboarding, and provide actionable insights in large scale litigation and investigation matters. Its workflow streamlines the data journey from collation, to review and adjudication, to narration of the underlying story. All of this is made possible directly from Relativity’s easy-to-use interface with practically zero learning curve—saving time and money. 


Gilbert + Tobin

HyperView addresses a classic problem faced during the course of litigation: the circulation of hyperlinked bundles of evidence between various parties. HyperView is designed to focus on the distribution stage of this process, allowing external parties to access the hyperlinked work product from within Relativity. This is done by using a side-by-side viewer that contextually responds to document ID references in a legal document, displaying the associated supporting evidence from within the database—without needing to move away from the source work product.

Sky Smart Extract 

Sky Discovery

In litigation, Sky Discovery regularly receives scanned forms or invoices. These often have a wealth of data, but because the fields are not available metadata and are often handwritten, typically the only way to extract data is to perform costly and time-consuming human data entry. To solve this, Sky Discovery developed Sky Smart Extract. This solution uses AI technology to identify fields and tables—and the data within them—on scanned documents. Sky Smart Extract then allows a user to map data to Relativity fields and objects and directly populate the results into Relativity.

Virtual Helpdesk

JND eDiscovery

In 2021, with most of the workforce working from home, synergies between attorney and lit support teams have been disrupted. JND’s goal with Virtual Helpdesk was to create a simple way to facilitate communication between teams within Relativity. They’ve integrated live chat, video and screen share capabilities, an individualized support ticketing system, and a resource center for accessing user documentation without exiting Relativity.



Given the complexity and sheer magnitude of the data involved in UNITAD’s mandate, the team has sought ways to leverage the latest technology. More than half of digital evidence collected is in video and image formats and nearly all text and audio is in Arabic, which needs to be translated for investigators, analysts, and for use in criminal proceedings. Working with a team of technology experts fully engaged in creating a cutting-edge solution, UNITAD developed Zeteo, a custom enrichment pipeline for electronic data using the latest in artificial intelligence, Microsoft cognitive services, machine learning, facial recognition and identification, machine translation, and image analysis. Zeteo, which roughly translated means “to seek and reveal,” is a powerful system that learns more and makes more connections the more data it is fed.

Best Innovation Submissions

Congrats to all of our submissions for the innovative work delivered this past year! Each app qualifies for our Best Innovation: Community Choice award, which is voted on by our RCA community.

  • AI Applications by Lineal, a suite of analytics tools including bot detection, keyword hit context, communication analysis, RSMF generation and tagging, and enhanced email threading.
  • Aon Data Privacy Detect and Respond by Stroz Friedberg/Aon Cyber Solutions, integrated PII data mining tools to find and categorize PII found in data sets.
  • Athenagy by BDO, a business intelligence platform that creates a Common Data Model between RelativityOne and Microsoft’s Advanced e-Discovery.
  • ChatIQ for RSMF by Morae Global, for Bloomberg XML to RSMF conversion.
  • Claims Administration Systems by Deloitte, a standardized workflow for bankruptcy claims management.
  • Client Dashboard by Ricoh Canada, provides clients data insights into their Relativity environment.
  • Copilot by Morgan Lewis, for seamless user and group management
  • Data Tracking App by Freeport-McMoRan, which shows all collected data, giving a holistic view of preserved data and visibility on the collection stage.
  • Discovery Insights Accelerator by Deloitte, leverages previous coding and redactions across matters.
  • eDiscovery Collections Application by Capital One, a one-stop shop that correlates legal holds, workspaces, collection, and processing requests.
  • Envize by Legility, a data analytics framework bringing scalable machine learning to any document review process.
  • Enquire+ by Polsinelli, a custom application to track the various stages of numerous cases.
  • Gemini by Herbert Smith Freehills, custom de-duplication application that consolidates data sets across multiple sources.
  • IDownload by Ricoh Canada, lets non-admin users download natives files to local drives.
  • Industry Sector Identifier by PLUSnxt, labels documents based on the sector they belong to, culling data to a more meaningful and manageable data set.
  • LitSmart AutoTagger by Kilpatrick Townsend, with profiles designed to run specified searches, allowing returned documents to be automatically tagged in bulk.
  • Mass Claims Manager by SiskindsLLP, a workspace designed to bring claim from intake to settlement.
  • PowerCI by Compliance, offering iterative data footprint reporting which allows users to make fact-based, strategic decisions.
  • Privilege Assist by Clayton Utz, a suite of privilege tools, centred around machine learning, that assist with the identification/redaction of privileged information, to aid in consistency checks and index generation.
  • Review Alignment Manager by ProSearch, a simple training interface for document review teams.
  • Relativity Integration with Tableau by Berkeley Research Group, a Fact Pattern Investigation dashboard to quickly find “hot” documents.
  • Slack & Mobile Investigator, parses data into meaningful, visual conversations using logical conversational breaks.
  • Text IQ Relativity Connector by ProSearch, an interface to map data and metadata between Text IQ and Relativity.

Don’t miss the awards ceremony taking place on Wednesday, October 6—the last day of this year’s virtual conference. We can’t wait to celebrate everyone’s apps and award our winners!

Artwork for this article was created by Natalie Andrews and Kael Rose.

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Michael Obregon is a senior pre-sales engineer at Relativity.