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Introducing Migrate: Faster, Simpler Data Transfers in Relativity

Andie Linker

Housed inside your e-discovery solution are heaps of structured and unstructured data—data you need to conduct sound investigations, manage complex litigation, prepare for trial, get to the bottom of each case, and the list goes on. As a legal professional, it's your job to protect that data and make sure everyone in your organization has access to whatever they need, whenever they need it.

This is a challenging task even in the most straightforward circumstances. As data volumes grow and e-discovery, investigations, and compliance exercises becomes more complex, the cloud is the most flexible, scalable, and secure way to manage your data. To help you gather more insights from that data more quickly, our team at Relativity wants to make sure you can take advantage of working in the cloud without worrying about complex data migrations.

That's why we created Migrate, a data transfer solution designed to seamlessly move entire workspaces from Relativity Server to RelativityOne via a single secure, predictable, and reliable tool.

How does it work?

Migrate is a new addition to an already robust suite of data transfer tools available to help you reliably manage your data. But with Migrate, what was once a multi-tool process now takes just three steps in one solution: select, preview, and migrate.

You'll start by selecting the workspaces you'd like to migrate and assign them for migration. Our user-friendly interface allows you to see exactly which workspaces you have in your Server instance so that there's no guess work involved in determining what lives where.

Next, you'll preview your migration. This step enables you to check your migration details and make sure the scope of what data will be moved is what you had originally imagined. At this point in the process, you can also name your migration to generate documentation on what workspaces were moved in this particular effort. You can also turn on email notifications to make sure all relevant parties are informed about the migration.

Finally, with the click of a button, your migration will begin. An overview page provides visibility into the status of your data transfer and lets you know which workspaces have finished migrating. Migrate will also help you assess any errors that occurred during the migration and troubleshoot accordingly. But don't worry—errors won't slow your whole project down. Migrate will simply mark it as incomplete and move on to its next task.

After completing those three straightforward steps, your migration will be complete. Migrate can move multiple terabytes of data per day, depending on the complexity of the data set, providing you with fast, streamlined data transfers to support your move to the cloud.

Early Successes

Our customers have already seen a ton of success by leveraging this solution.

One such customer is JND, a RelativityOne Certified Partner who often helps their clients move data from Relativity Server to RelativityOne. Ben Sexton, JND’s vice president of e-discovery and analytics, recently shared that his clients are often hesitant to move to the cloud out of fear that the necessary data migrations will be insurmountably complex. On top of this, Ben's team at JND spends a lot of time manually troubleshooting migrations for clients who do take the leap to more streamlined, secure work in the cloud.

In just one month using Migrate, Ben and his team were able to move over 15 terabytes of data across 65 workspaces. Ben estimates that on each of these migrations, they saved two hours of troubleshooting time thanks to Migrate's simple workflow. That adds up to over 130 hours saved across workspaces.

"What I love about Migrate is that it is a simple workflow that allows for the flexibility my team needs on our more complex migrations," said Ben. "It has transformed a highly complex, error-prone workflow into just a few clicks."

Ben is excited to continue using Migrate to help his customers easily make the switch to RelativityOne.

Faster, simpler data transfer is just three steps away: select, preview, and migrate your way into the cloud.

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Andie Linker is a member of the product marketing team at Relativity.