Legal Operations Takeover: CLOC Institute 2017

Originally published as a live, developing conversation on Above the Law, this interview between ReplyAll co-founder Zach Abramowitz and several legal professionals discusses major takeaways from this month's CLOC Institute.

This month, legal professionals, consultants, and tech companies from across the country converged in Las Vegas for what seems to have become one of the most important events of the year in the legal industry: the CLOC Institute.

CLOC stands for the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, and the growth and validation of legal operations, or legal ops, is one of the most significant trends affecting the legal industry. Legal operations is a position inside the majority of Fortune 500 companies, separate from in-house counsel, whose role is to ensure that the legal department functions more like a business.

The conference nearly doubled in size from last year. Since there are so many sessions at the conference, I invited folks on all sides of the ecosystem to help me cover the conference. Here’s what they had to say.



Zach Abramowitz is a lawyer/stand-up comedian/teacher-turned-entrepreneur who is passionate about start-ups and new ideas, especially in the content space. He is a co-founder of, the world's first Blogcasting platform.