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Our Community's Favorite Moments from the Seventh Annual Relativity Fest London

Matthew Vargo

Over the years, the pace and momentum of the Relativity community’s international growth has been just incredible. It’s thrilling to see our customers working on matters at a global scale, powering the pursuit of justice from small cases to seminal. And frankly, we’ll gladly take every opportunity to celebrate the impact they have on the worldwide legal industry.

Relativity Fest London is our flagship EMEA conference for all things legal technology and e-disclosure. The seventh-annual event in May 2023 brought together practitioners from across the industry to present, discuss, and connect for an entire day of programming. And it’s not for the faint of heart: keynotes, breakout sessions, sponsor highlights, and fireside chats helped us cover product news, hands-on learning, generative AI, the EMEA market, and a swath of insights from people working in the field.

Watch the opening keynote from Relativity Fest London 2023.

It’s a lot—a lot of great information, a lot of connectivity, and a lot of fun.

We asked some of our partners—the folks who are on the ground, helping to manage matters across the industry and around the globe—to give us their takes on the conference. While their enthusiasm for learning about the product and the art of delivering good solutions showed in their feedback, one major thing comes bubbling to the top: Relativity Fest London is a conference about connecting with peers.

It sparks a lot of joy in us to see this, because our technology is only as powerful as the people using it—and when they can come together to learn new things and share best practices, that’s when the magic really happens.

Here’s a quick look at what our partners enjoyed most at Fest London this year.

Rob Crowley, Managing Director, Anexsys:

I think now that we’re all working from home all the time, it’s great to see people in person. I find the process of learning by osmosis is deeply improved by having a bunch of motivated technologists all in the same place.

Martin Flavell, Director, Sky Discovery:

Relativity Fest London has always been a great opportunity to learn about the upcoming developments in the platform, meet with industry fellows, and share our experiences. This year’s well-attended event was probably the most engaging yet. It gave us the opportunity to feed back our clients’ needs and to better understand the capabilities of new features in the product.

Carl Hasan, Director of Business Development, CDS:

This was my first Relativity Fest London. I found the entire day very helpful—meeting with peers, and the sessions were informative and engaging. The interactions and collaborations between Relativity and your partners are amazing and I will enjoy collaborating together.

Andrejs Klisans, Germany Country Manager, 36Brains:

Incredibly exciting (and somewhat terrifying) to see how generative AI is going to transform legal and e-discovery tech!

Bas Sluijsmans, Partner, e-Discovery & Cyber Forensics Expert, Forcyd:

My favorite thing around Fest is the opportunity to collaborate and connect with colleagues, competitors, former colleagues, and friends in a very nice, easygoing environment that allows us to really engage the community of Relativity users to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experience on projects and different clients.

Jeanne Somma, Chief Client Officer and General Counsel, Lineal:

I really like the camaraderie here. It’s very interesting to be in a room full of people who are solving the same, but different, challenges, and who are so willing to share their insights and information. It’s very collegial and I’m going to leave here today having learned a lot more than I came in knowing.

Harry Trick, Senior Manager, FRP Advisory:

The network of professionals that meet at Relativity Fest London is unmatched in the UK. I was able to join sessions talking about everything from the future of AI within Relativity to an update on ISO standards for investigations, and even a lunch where we discussed ways in which we can work with Relativity's marketing and new business teams to leverage content and channels to co-sell services. There is a large amount of support available to e-discovery professionals through the Relativity network, and events like Fest are essential for enabling us to build those connections and bridge any gaps that we have.

Nathan Wigginton, Director, Sky Discovery:

Relativity Fest London 2023 provided a great platform to network with peers, meet with clients, and learn about all the latest developments in upcoming Relativity releases and feature improvements. With the recent the introduction of the new CEO Phil Saunders, news of Steve Couling’s impending relocation to Chicago, and Georgia Foster’s move to EMEA to manage alongside AsiaPac, big changes are afoot within Relativity, and all deemed very positive. It was great to see that there was a reinvigorated approach to work with the business’s Server clients, whilst understanding that the RelativityOne proposition was still a North Star. Exciting times ahead, and change is usually a positive thing to continue Relativity’s momentum as market leader.

While Fest London is behind us, Relativity Fest Chicago is now just around the corner. We can’t wait to continue to build up this incredible community of super smart people, share all the information and product features we can to simplify your work, and provide a platform to celebrate the inspiring innovation teams like these are building into their everyday operations.

Did you attend Fest London? Looking ahead to gathering in Chicago in September? Share your favorite memories and biggest expectations with us on social media using #RelativityFest to join the conversation until we can chat again in person.

What We Love About Relativity Fest London

Matthew Vargo is a product marketing specialist at Relativity, where he's been advocating for customers in diverse capacities since 2016.