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Out of Fashion e-Discovery Practices

Sam Bock

It’s fashion week season, with New York, London, Milan, and Paris all celebrating the latest that the world’s best designers have to offer throughout the month of February.

I’m not a big fashionista, personally—jeans and flannel are my jam this time of year—but the events got me thinking. Here on The Relativity Blog, we talk a lot about what’s “in fashion” for e-discovery: the spiffiest workflows, most surprising innovations, latest software, and best reasons to stay ahead of the curve in this competitive field. But what beloved (and not so beloved) practices have fallen by the wayside to make room for these all-star strategies of today?

During Legalweek, we asked the e-discovery community for their thoughts on just that. They had a lot to say. Take a look at their ideas below. What would you add?

Tell us more about the outdated e-discovery tactics you miss the most (or don’t miss at all) and what your team is doing to change the game in today’s landscape. You can join the conversation in the comments, on Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

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Sam Bock is a member of the marketing team at Relativity, and serves as editor of The Relativity Blog.