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Real-world Uses for Relativity Binders


Version 1.3 of Relativity Binders—the latest release of our free iPad® app for accessing documents and performing case-related prep on the go—hit the App Store on November 20. The update adds several navigation improvements suggested by users in the field.

We’ve enjoyed hearing feedback from Binders users that are putting the app to work. Their stories are exciting, so we wanted to share a few real-world use cases of how Binders can support e-discovery workflows on the road.

Let’s say your team has just finished the review phase of a project and identified the most relevant documents for the case. Your attorneys are flying to Seattle tomorrow to present the evidence at trial, so you have to make sure they have each document at hand so they can prepare for the courtroom.

Here’s how you might tackle this without Binders:

• Coordinate with your review team and case admins to print hundreds of pages of documents and several large exhibits
• Assist attorneys in creating separate note systems that relate to each document, allowing them to reference their evidentiary strategy without marking up their presentable materials
• Organize the documents in redwell folders and physical binders and pay to ship them overnight
• Hope they don’t get delayed, damaged, or lost in transit

With Binders, the workflow is much simpler:

Use the Binders Admin application in Relativity to create electronic binders of documents from a simple saved search of your key documents
• Grant your case team access to those binders, enabling them to securely access and download the documents from their iPads
• The team can then search, review, annotate, email, and print these documents from their iPad, helping them prepare for court in the air or in their hotel

Now, what if your review team discovers a document is missing the morning your attorneys arrive in court? With paper documents, your case team may be out of luck. Binders, however, allows you to create and send a revised binder directly to your case team in minutes, giving them presentable, correct material in time for the trial to begin.

We’re continuously working to improve the app, and updates are pushed to the App Store often. Binders 1.3 makes it easier to move from document to document, offering a static menu for moving between documents, annotations, and binders, as well as a top navigation bar, full screen document view option, and more.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Binders, now’s a great time to get started. Download it free from the App Store, and get a preview by working with the sample binders included in the app.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback, so feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas for future Relativity Binders updates.

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