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RelativityOne Across the Globe: Our Community in Brazil

Matthew Vargo

RelativityOne was first available in Brazil in late 2018, the same year the country passed Law No. 13,709, Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais—Brazil’s General Data Protection Law—or LGPD. Later amended in July 2019 via Law No. 13,853 to include personal data protection and establish the country’s Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados, or the National Data Protection Agency (ANPD), Brazil, like many countries following GDPR’s lead, entered a new era of compliance and regulation concerning the processing and storing of data within the country.

As one of the world’s largest economies, and the titan of South America, Brazil also operates within a complex global ecosystem of corporate, legal, and governmental institutions. Legal professionals within the country manage issues related to data breaches, class actions, investigations, and other litigation requiring robust discovery practices.

In its first full year in the country, RelativityOne averaged 21 terabytes of total data across 12 months. Since then, that footprint grew almost fivefold to 95 terabytes in 2023. For our next look at how the RelativityOne community is growing around the globe, we asked some of our partners operating in Brazil to reflect on their work and the country’s unique legal landscape.

What Type of Work Does the Relativity Community Do in Brazil?

Bruno Massard, managing director for legal solutions in Latin America at Epiq, recently shared how, recently, their “team worked alongside a leading law firm on a complex internal fraud investigation regarding high-ranking executives from a Brazilian company.”

Investigations are a common use case in the platform—and they can get tricky for a number of reasons.

Jose Bevilacqua, principal at Control Risks, commented: “The variety of data sources considered during investigations in Brazil and Latin America has significantly increased as fraudsters are less often using corporate methods of communication to elaborate their schemes. Instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram are the usual means of communication now, so the correlation between chat messages, email, documents, and structured data is paramount to conduct an efficient investigation with higher chances in identifying relevant evidence.”

Daniel Crespo, managing director at Lineal Brazil, commented on the helpfulness of bringing a purpose-built cloud e-discovery platform into the region. He said, “RelativityOne has revolutionized corporate investigations and pricing standards in Brazil, particularly in light of historical technological deficiencies. The platform proved indispensable during the Car Wash Operation, addressing the country's lack of advanced tools for complex investigations.”

Other partners cited use cases that bring such technology’s usefulness beyond investigations for legal teams in Brazil.

“Having a RelativityOne instance in Brazil has allowed CDS to quickly spin up RelativityOne instances to help clients meet the demands of discovery, including cross-border e-discovery obligations, while complying with Brazil’s LGPD privacy law,” said William Wallace Belt, Jr., Esq., managing director for consulting at CDS.

Diego Rodrigues, director of disputes and investigations at Alvarez & Marsal Brazil, also mentioned the demand for “highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in e-discovery and digital forensics projects” in the country.

What Tech is Used Most in Brazil?

Having the right technology is crucial in making matters like this manageable for legal teams in the region. But what features and tools are most essential for the Brazilian e-discovery marketplace?

According to our partners, Collect, short message handling, active learning, and other AI features top the list.

“Active learning has greatly assisted us in this regard, enabling us to review many documents quickly. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence applications improves the efficiency and precision of the process. We extensively use Collect in RelativityOne for all our clients from whom we receive recurring requests to support them.” Diego Rodrigues, Director of Disputes & Investigations at Alvarez & Marsal Brazil

“The continuous enhancements RelativityOne is offering to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly review interface for instant messaging is key to conduct investigations in Latin America, considering the exponential adoption of this type of communication technology. By leveraging the existing features for chat data analysis, as well as analytics and AI, we are able provide more efficient workflows to reviewers, where they can focus their efforts on relevant information and save time during the review process.” Jose Bevilacqua, Principal, Control Risks

What Does It All Mean to Brazil?

Describing an investigation led in collaboration with a local law firm, Bruno Massard from Epiq commented that “Utilizing the powerful tools within RelativityOne, including AI, analytics, and technology-driven review, the investigation was streamlined to cull the noise so the team could focus valuable resources on the most relevant pieces of evidence.”

“With Epiq's assistance, we were able to identify pertinent documents, sidelining irrelevant data. This approach led to a significant 65 percent reduction in the costs [and time] associated with the review,” mentioned their law firm client.

As William Wallace Belt, Jr. stated, “our clients can leverage years of CDS and Relativity expertise, in collaboration with us and the Relativity team, when seeking our advice on the technology options for matters that require collection, analysis, and review of ESI from Brazil.” He also spoke on LGPD, going further to say that "the in-country RelativityOne instance gives clients the option to host data in Brazil prior to transfer, while taking steps or selecting workflows to address LGPD requirements like security and necessity."

Daniel Crespo from Lineal Brazil shared a broader view of the impact of technology and partnership in the country: “Over time, RelativityOne has not only bridged technological gaps but has also democratized access, offering more affordable pricing structures in local currency. This inclusive approach has empowered small and medium-sized enterprises and law firms, revolutionizing the landscape of corporate investigations in Brazil. The platform's adaptability and commitment to innovation have not only enhanced efficiency in handling vast amounts of data, but have also set a new benchmark for legal technology in the Brazilian context.”

RelativityOne Across the Globe

Thank you for reading along to take a peek at Brazil through the eyes of some of our partners. As members of the largest economy in South America, legal professionals in Brazil are constantly tasked with hard-to-solve discovery problems, and find innovative solutions through thoughtful, forward-thinking approaches and relationships.

Throughout the coming year, we’re excited to continue highlighting different regions where RelativityOne is available—including Australia and Canada. If you missed our first article about APAC, you can read it here.

Graphics for this article were created by Sarah Vachlon.

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Matthew Vargo is a proud member of the partner marketing team at Relativity, where he tries his damndest to tell the Partner + RelativityOne story. Occasionally, he writes blogs.

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