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Introducing the RelativityOne App for iOS: More Secure Mobile e-Discovery

Anthony Munaco

Attorneys are always moving—from case to case, office to courtroom, client to client, and everywhere in between. If you’re looking for a gig that keeps you tethered to your office chair, this isn’t it.

Given all this aerobic activity, lawyers have traditionally relied on a lot of paper. They use printed documents to review on the train ride home, bring to depositions to support questioning, or reference in court. Having these materials on-hand means they’re ready to ask and answer the right questions, make more effective arguments, and immerse themselves in the facts of each case.

But paper is far from perfect. Aside from its inconveniences and eco-unfriendliness, people on the train are listening and looking over your shoulder as you’re reviewing and discussing that material—a huge security risk that, frankly, every law firm should be worried about in a world where their data is targeted more than most.

Plus, work product isn’t “saved” on loose paper any more than the grocery list that gets lost in between the seats of your car. Capturing it in handwritten notes means essentially doing the work twice: writing on hard copies and then recording those notes and designations in your e-discovery software later (or asking someone to do it for you, even when they have better things to do).

The result? Time wasted on duplicative, unproductive work. In an increasingly competitive field, your team needs that time to innovate, develop, and deliver the bespoke services and proactive insights that will keep clients on your books. It’s simply not a waste you can afford.

A Better Way

Thankfully, almost every lawyer, litigation support manager, paralegal, and reviewer these days has a handy tool at their disposal to largely eliminate those downsides: a smartphone. Paper just doesn’t cut it anymore.

RelativityOne users can access their workspace documents on the go via the new app for iOS. Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard on a new design with a simple goal: make it as fast and as easy as possible to access your case documents while on the go.

Built with security in mind, the app helps legal teams work effectively and securely on their e-discovery projects in RelativityOne. This release includes features to simplify workstreams and maximize efficiency when working with documents away from a computer.

For example, a streamlined authentication process offers an easy entry passcode screen with support for FaceID and TouchID. Users can also receive push notifications from documents on the web for one-tap access to key records.

Inside the app, a tabbed interface always lets you know where you are and keeps you one tap away to where you need to go to take the next step in your project, while speedy doc-to-doc performance and maximized screen real estate make for easy review.

Finally, an all-new coding experience is scaled and built for the mobile platform, making the process of tagging and categorizing documents more intuitive and quicker for iOS users.

What’s Next

RelativityOne users benefit from always having the latest version of the platform, and while we’re working on improvements to the core system, we’re also focusing on improving the mobile app throughout the year.

This release lays the groundwork for more things to come for RelativityOne users on iOS. Keep an eye out for improvements to the overall UI, better usability, and more.

In the meantime, download the app and take a look around. Consider this your wake-up call to move past paper and deliver better work for your team and your clients while you’re on the go.

See the RelativityOne App in the App Store

Anthony Munaco is a mobile product manager at Relativity, guiding the development of mobile applications for the platform.