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See What We Have Planned for Relativity Fest 2020

Kelly Lohan

You can officially start planning how you want to spend your time at Relativity Fest. Today, the agenda went live! 

We’re so excited for you to see what we have in store. Every year, Relativity Fest brings our global community together to celebrate each other, learn, and grow as e-discovery and compliance experts. 

Though a lot might be different this year, that core mission remains the same. And, as you’ll see in the agenda, the slate of great programming you’ve come to expect from Relativity Fest is returning, too. 

There are more than 100 live and on-demand sessions to choose from, spread over the three days of Fest – and beyond. 

“When we made the decision to go virtual, we knew it was important to make it easy for everyone to attend Relativity Fest,” said Anna Siroonian, senior program manager of content on Relativity’s events team.  

Because most people are working from home, we know there are a million other things asking for your attention, so every session will be available for viewing on demand. 

I’m particularly excited about all of the speakers we have joining us this year,” Anna said. “Not that we don’t have amazing speakers every year, but there are a lot of new folks joining us, and I can’t wait for the Relativity community to hear from them.” 

Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Relativity Fest this year. 

Live Sessions

To kick off each day, we’ll bring everyone together at once for a few live general sessions, including daily keynote: 

  • On day one, you’ll hear from Relativity CEO Mike Gamson and other Relativity leaders in the Opening Keynote.  
  • Day two starts with the seventh annual Judicial Panel – Relativity's David Horrigan will moderate this virtual gathering of prominent international jurists as they discuss the most pressing legal issues of the day.  
  • The final day will kick off with the perennial favorite Innovation Awards, where we celebrate the people and organizations in our community who take Relativity to the next level.  

Following the keynotes will be daily product sessions, where you’ll learn about the new Aero UI, the new RelativityOne processing experience, and how to seamlessly transition to RelativityOne. 

After the general sessions, the day is yours! You can follow specialized educational tracks, or you can pick and choose the individual sessions that are most relevant for you.  

Some of these tracks include: 

  • The Future-Proof Firm: Innovation Through Your People, Processes, and Technology 
  • Blazing a Trail for Evolving In-House Teams 
  • Cloud Proliferation in the Government and What that Means for You 
  • Using Technology to Elevate Your Communication Surveillance Strategy 
  • Product Education: Advance Your Relativity Skills 
  • Service Provider Pathway: Partnering with Purpose 

 “We’ve redesigned the conference tracks to make it easy for you to find the sessions you’re most interested in,” Anna said. “We’ve still got the same great programming you’re used to seeing, but now it’s all at your fingertips – literally.” 

After each live session, you’ll get the chance to chat with speakers and other subject matter experts in a Q&A. And the really good news? All these live sessions will be available on demand until October 31. 

On-Demand Content

In addition to live sessions, Relativity Fest will be packed with on-demand sessions.  

Got a specific product question, or curious about a particular workflow in RelativityOne? These sessions are designed to give you detailed information about the product, the developer experience, the legal industry, and more that you can return to again and again. 

On-demand videos are available 24 hours a day from the first day of Relativity Fest through October 31so no matter where you are in the world, you can dive right in. 

Hands-On Exercises

Some of the most valuable moments of Relativity Fest come from the hands-on exercises, where attendees can get practical experience with the product. 

We knew we had to bring this invaluable aspect of Fest to a virtual event, so this year, hands-on exercises will be available Monday through Friday the week of Relativity Fest. These exercises include: 

  • Aero UI Hands-On Tour 
    Take a test drive of the simply powerful new user experience in RelativityOne. 
  • The Power of Active Learning 
    Use active learning to take a case from start to finish in a matter of minutes by quickly training the system to find relevant documents and then validating completion. 
  • Cracking the Case: A Relativity Visualization Whodunit 
    Investigate a classic murder mystery with help from Relativity's visualization tools. Follow leads, uncover clues, and narrow down your list of suspects as you work to crack the case and find the culprit! 
  • The Wonderful World of Searching 
    Learn how tools like concept search, regular expressions, proximity searching, and document intelligence can help you quickly uncover relevant documents and conduct a more focused review. 
  • Case Dynamics: Hamilton vs. Burr 
    Use Case Dynamics to piece together the details of the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Can you organize the clues and evidence to help solve the case? 

Stay Tuned for More 

There’s even more to come in the next month. From virtual networking events to the Relativity Experience, you’ll get everything you’d expect from Relativity Fest. 

“Though we’re bummed we can’t be with you all in Chicago, we hope you enjoy yourselves, learn a lot, meet some new people, and leave inspired,” Anna said. 

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Kelly Lohan is the senior manager of events at Relativity.