The Relativity Review Manager Origin Story

by Shana Kirchner on August 08, 2012

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Last year, spontaneous conversations at ILTA and Relativity Fest brought to light a shared challenge among our clients: managing the progress of their document review and setting the right expectations for their clients. Often, review timelines are tight and every second counts—and the overall success of a case is dependent on meeting aggressive deadlines under budget. However, gathering real-time insight to make forecasts is a manual and arduous process.

With those conversations in mind, we felt we had an opportunity to provide a solution that leveraged this feedback with the technology at hand. To start, we recognized that key performance metrics could help a project manager ensure that a review is meeting its overall goals and objectives—if measuring those metrics was made easier.

Review Manager's Insight SummaryOur goal was to help users solve this tracking issue. Relativity Review Manager is built to work for project managers, doing the calculations on its own while they focus on the project at hand. The application helps these project managers forecast the time and cost of their review, analyze and communicate progress in real time, suggest improvements to stay on track, and provide higher levels of transparency and a better picture of review progress.

As we developed Review Manager, it was important to continuously incorporate feedback from clients and ensure meaningful information was being captured by the application. After we worked with the initial group of clients to define our vision, we created a prototype. We showed the prototype to other clients, and we made some collaborative, course-correcting decisions because of those conversations. For example, the application now features an “Insight Summary” report that was largely driven by a client’s feedback. They wanted a quick, visual way to gauge how much work they had done and how quickly they had done this work, so we included graphical displays of completion percentages with the intent of providing this kind of insight to all users.

At its core, Review Manager is the brain child of the Relativity community. We were happy to fill a need they shared with us.

If you think Review Manager could be of use, it’s available for free download to Relativity users through the Relativity Community site. If you have any questions about Review Manager or other custom applications for Relativity, please feel free to contact us at

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