Uncivil Procedure Podcast Episode 8: GDPR

We’re talking about rules and regulations on the latest episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast. Specifically, the GDPR is in focus—but we also highlight some of the silly laws still on Europe’s and the United States’ books.

This month’s episode features not one but two very insightful guests: Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project, and Debbie Reynolds of Eimer Stahl LLP. Along with our Relativian team—Danny Pelc, Don Sawyer, Anna Siroonian, and David Horrigan—they share the worst (personal) fines they’ve ever received and their predictions on the next British invasion.

You might also learn why the conversation around the GDPR should go beyond fearful talk of fines, the proper pronunciation of the word “Arkansas,” and which generation is the most forgetful.

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Brendan Ryan is senior manager of partner enablement on Relativity’s marketing team.


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